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For much to long Voters have endured politicians that make promises and don't deliver. This is simply outright lying to gain favour and position. Politicians get elected and continue to govern as UNACCOUNTABLE. They conspire and conive. They set their own work rules, they set their own pay, they set their own values and mostly perform as the evil twin to the nice campaigner who promised a chicken in every pot, 40 acres and a mule, autonomous rule for the provinces

So, they should be fired, right? How do we do that? How do we say, "You lied, and we're not going to take it"?

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Howz JT sleep at night? He musta sold his Soul or Something!

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" Don’t claim to be a platform for all opinions and all ideas and crush conservative voices. You can’t have it both ways. Either be fair or admit you’re biased tools."

MENLO PARK, CA—Giving his arms and legs a nice little stretch while reclining in his office chair Friday afternoon, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, confirmed that he had successfully completed another long day of deciding what people around the world should believe.

The Babylon Bee Has Been Ruthlessly Trolling Facebook, And We Are Here For It! | Chicks On The Right

The Babylon Bee Has Been Ruthlessly Trolling Facebook, And We Are Here For It! | Chicks On The Right


We'll never survive and grow if everyone sits back and just looks at everyone else's profile, clicks following and then bailS? Post something substantial in every post you visit, and not a 'just checking in' afterthought. I'll agree with you when you agree with me, I'll debate and discuss with you, until things become circular and not worth either's time. WE NEED ACTIVITY. THERE IS NOTHING, NO HOOK, TO GET PEOPLE HERE TO DISCUSS AND PARTICIPATE. THERE IS NOTHING TO HOLD THEIR INTEREST AFTER SIGNING UP. DON'T BE THE GREY MAN, THE SHIRKER, THE GUY THAT TRIES TO MAKE HIMSELF SMALL AND UNNOTICEABLE WHEN THINGS GET BIG AND OUT OF HAND.

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Anyone got any ideas, other than what's already posted?

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