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Song: Islam Is Not For Me. It may make you laugh, but the words are true The song is not insulting Islam. It is describing Islam.
AND THIS IS THE ONE THING THAT I AGREE WITH THE ATHEIST ON. Islam forbids freedoms, is more dangerous than Christianity, and it keeps coming closer every day, and our survival is threatened.

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  • This is a group for canadians and the west to create awarenes.
    trolls who insult other members with nazi comments, biggots, will be reported and be removed immediately. we arent dumb, or asleep. We are awake and part of a movement to expose the truth..

    A western civilized life is to work hard, provide for our families, watch our children grow, enjoy them and enjoy the day that we have our grandchildren, then die off while our future blood lines live on. not to send our children to blow up infedels for a prophet who doesnt give a d